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About us

Our story

Sonic Alchemy Music started in music education. Something we’re still extremely passionate about. We believe in offering good quality instruments and accessories at the most affordable prices possible. 

A portion of our proceeds goes towards helping underprivileged kids have access to private music lessons and our Rock Band Camp. a week-long adventure camp that allows participants to be immersed in all things music!

How we started

Dorian Britton started Sonic Alchemy Music with its humble roots in giving piano lessons. The need arose for quality musical education and soon Sonic Alchemy grew. Today we still have a high focus on musical education as well as composition, music production and of course, instrument sales.

Our mission

Our mission is simple. It’s to inspire others creatively. Whether through education or through helping you to find a new sound palate. Sonic Alchemy stands for a place where music is forged from raw emotion. A place where inspiration meets creativity. The alchemy of sound and life… Music transforms us.

Sonic Alchemy Music

Igniting the passion for the music inside you

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